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Llamamiento al apoyo financiero

Resumen “El objetivo principal de la estructura es garantizar una vida digna para los/las compañeros/as prisioneros/as a través de un proceso cinemático que llevará la dimensión material de la solidaridad a un paso más...

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Appel pour le soutien financier

” L’objectif principal du Fonds de solidarité est d’assurer une vie décente aux camarades emprisonnes avec un processus solidaire, qui fournit de soutien outre la famille proche, les amis et les camarades, ainsi qu’une...

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Call for financial support

Firefund Page “The basic aim of the structure is to ensure decent living conditions for the imprisoned comrades through a process that would take place within the political movement; thereby taking the material dimension...

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The Solidarity Fund was established in 2010 in a situation, where on the one hand a hard capitalist restructuring was carried out under the guise of the “economic crisis” and on the other hand the radical part of the society, having very recent memories from the experience of the social revolt of December ’08, was in a boom of activities, expressing the genuine and spontaneous social rage. In those given circumstances, where the systemic restructuring entailed the upgrade of repression and the (further) legislative protection of the privileged, while the activity of all struggling parts of the society produced a multiple aggression (ranging from the vigorous workers’ solidarity, the massive clashes, the occupations of buildings and public spaces, the collective direct actions, to the armed revolutionary actions), arose the issue of the dozens of political prisoners.